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Crystal Reiki Energy Share

Call for information about the date for the next Reiki Share  631-317-0159

This gathering is open to everyone regardless of training or experience. This will be an opportunity to meet like-minded people in the community, to learn more about crystals and crystal energy, and to share healing energy in a Reiki Share format . For the novice this will be an opportunity to learn more about crystals, gems and minerals and the healing power of Reiki Energy. For everyone it will be an opportunity to share knowledge, experiences and healing energy.

Please feel free to bring stones and crystals to show, to use, to ask for help identifying or to learn more about the properties of your crystals. We will begin with 30 minutes of open time for meeting each other, sharing information and showing off treasures. We will then share a crystal energy guided meditation to attune ourselves to the energy of the crystals we will be using this evening and the balance of our time will be spent in a Reiki Share along the same lines as our Practitioner Reiki shares with each person having an opportunity to recieve a short session on the table with multiple practitioners channelling the energy.

Those practicing or with an interest in learning about this healing modality based on channeled Source Energy are encouraged to attend, however, no prior experience or training is required to attend. If you are not a Reiki practitioner you will be able to receive a mini treatment and then peruse the many resources available in the venue for further spiritual education and personal growth.  

$10.00  Energy Exchange requested to participate

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