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Why Smudge?

What is Smudging and How is it Done?

Sacred Sage will be safely  and carefully  burned in a ceremonial container,  and the smoke will be wafted into each room of the space.  Negative ions of the smoke will help remove any negative energy. This will be followed by the burning of Sweet Grass to infuse the space with positive energy and blessed intentions.  Finally the space will filled with Universal Life Force Energy to set the intentions and to help seal the positive intentions. The ceremony can be accomplished without actual burning, using  a Sacred Smudge Spray  and Positive Energy Manifesting Elixirs, hand crafted by Ms. Zwaryczuk.

Areas Served

Mrs. Felice-Zwaryczuk is available to smudge your space within 40 miles of Lake Wales, Florida  most of the year.  Appointments to arrange a Smudging Ceremony can be made by calling 631-317-0159. 

Fee  $100.00

How many times have you walked into a room after an uncomfortable situation has taken place and felt “The tension is so thick you can cut it with a knife"? This tension is energy. It's real and can be felt and affect the space long after the situation is over.  Through the use of sacred herbs and the Universal Energy of Reiki, I will visit your space,  and bless, clear, heal and smudge it.

When is it time to Bless or Smudge your home/business or personal space? 

•When a space has had any mental or physical illness such as anxiety, depression, stress, addiction, death, physical illness, negative energy, or any negative life experience. 
•When you are trying to sell or after you have moved into or purchased a home , business or vehicle
•To enhance prayers and meditation
•Before and after engaging in metaphysical activity 
•When antique or second hand items are brought into your space 
•When there have been sightings or indications of negative metaphysical activity
•When your vehicle or home have been involved in an accident, crime scene or fire/flood etc. 
•When there's been a recent divorce, separation or grief in letting go 
•When seeking clarity and peace of mind or when making any major life decision.


Lake Wales, Florida  33853  US