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Everything Fairy for Adult and Child

​                          October 1, 2016    10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.





Bring a child and your own child-like nature and join J. F. Zwaryczuk, Certified Fairyologist, for an hour of Everything Fairy. Geared to ages 5 thru 7, this Mommy (or Daddy, or Auntie, or Granny) and me adventure will include lots of Fairy and Elemental Lore using interactive stories, songs, and hands on activities. Fairies are the guardians of the environment and learning about them can increase a child's desire to be a steward for the health of the earth besides being magical fun. Fairy Tea will be served for magical sipping and each child will be able to choose a shiny crystal to take home to attract fairies into their yard or patio garden. As a special treat, children will decorate a free-standing Fairy Door to take home to either use in their room as a special fairy portal, or outside in their fairy garden. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Workshop takes place at 1565 Yarrow Circle, Bellport, NY 11713

Fee for one adult accompanied by one child  $35 (this price includes both)

additional $25 for 1 additional sibling.      

Each adult limited to two children who must be siblings.